Everyone has right to speak mind


Abby Hissong

The AP government class sits and watches the debate

Yusuf Aboutabl, Feature Editor

Modern day liberals are just as close-minded as the conservatives they ridicule. I was watching the presidential debate with my AP Government class on Monday night, and never have I been so appalled as when I witnessed the disrespect they showed. I by no means am a Trump supporter, nor do I agree with his policies, but I am a firm believer in respecting the opinions of those you disagree with. Otherwise, you’re being just as close minded as the oh so crazy conservatives you hate.

I showed up to the the debate with an index card that said “Trump Pence 2016” taped to my chest; I was threatened to be stabbed, told I was disgusting and got death glares from several students who happened to see the card. The scary thing is, I don’t think those people were joking.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but when you begin to ridicule others for having an opinion that is different than yours, you’re being disrespectful. The kids in my class were so quick to flat out make fun of the Republican candidate’s face and gestures as opposed to his policies and arguments.

You can hang on to your beloved beliefs as much as you want, but it’s disgusting when people threaten physical violence to someone for their political beliefs. I’m not defending Trump or his ignorant sayings; I am defending his right to have those opinions, which so many liberals appear to disrespect. It feels like I am in a world of my own when I stand up and fight for someone’s right to their opinions, no matter how outlandish they are.

I am aware that Trump has said things that are disrespectful, but are you any better than him for being just as close-minded? No one told you to love conservatives or to side with them; I am simply asking that you not be a hypocrite and infringe on their right to their opinions.

Let’s say we flipped the script. Would I have been treated kindly by those liberals had I disrespected and ridiculed everything about Clinton? No.

Don’t disrespect someone’s beliefs or their right to their beliefs, or you are no better than those you hate.