Taking SAT on homecoming day

Hannah Miller, Copy Editor

With the end of the week drawing closer, underclassmen have the homecoming football game and dance to think about. Some upperclassmen, however, have the SAT to worry about as well. Senior Ciara Hampton is going to be taking it for the third time, and then has the whole day and night afterwards all booked.

“The first time I took it I was actually in seventh grade, so that score wasn’t very good… I went to this summer enrichment program at UVA, and you had to take the SAT to be able to get in because it was part of the gifted program,” Hampton says. “I think they might’ve changed the scoring for us, so I don’t really remember what [my score] was, but it wasn’t very good.”

This Saturday, Oct. 1, Hampton is going to see if she can go above and beyond the goals she’s already hit.

“My score’s already high enough to get into JMU, but I want to see if I can get higher and maybe get into UVA,” Hampton says. Last year, Hampton took the essay version, but this year she plans to focus on the math portion.

“I’ve been doing a lot of math problems on my own because that’s the part I didn’t do very well on last time. This year I want to score a lot higher in the math. My english class is preparing me for the english section, so I don’t have to do anything for that,” Hampton said.

After spending several hours testing, Hampton is going to be rushed away to the JMU football game with her family, and then go to homecoming with her boyfriend until later that night.

“I think I have to be there around 7 a.m. Last time I took the SAT it ended at around 2 p.m., but I did the essays,” Hampton said. “After the [JMU] game’s over I’ll go home and get ready, and then I think [we’re] going to have pictures around 6:30 p.m.,” Hampton said.

Hampton feels having such a busy Saturday will be stressful, but as long as she can stay awake she’ll manage it.

“It’s gonna be really hard to get everything done because the SAT is going to be all morning and I’m going be really tired, and then I’m still going to the JMU game and then going to homecoming, so I’m going to be up all day,” Hampton said.

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