Opinion: Stop the drama, it won’t matter after high school


Hannah Miller

Miller gets texts from a friend who is about to start drama.

Hannah Miller, Feature Page Editor

Drama. For some kids, what comes to mind is a theatrical adventure of different characters and settings. For others, their first thought is, “I can’t believe she said that about me!”

High school drama though, takes it to an entirely different level of the Petty Hotel. Why does it matter? Fifteen years from now, when you’ve moved on to whatever your life may be, what Stacy called you won’t seem as important. The fact that Jace found out you like him… oh well.

I understand we’re in highschool now. This is our entire world and we feel like the center of it. But it’s only our world for four years, and we’re not the only people, so we can’t act like we are. If something major happens, then feel free to tell people. Celebrate the good in life and condemn the woes. But don’t surround yourself with the drama that, many times, is just a rumor.

Many people have different strategies to get through high school: lay low, keep to yourself, work your way to the top, glide through easily. But starting drama isn’t one of them. It won’t get you anywhere, and the trivial issues that may seem like a big deal, aren’t. What purpose does it serve you? Does is benefit you right here, right now? It might, but it won’t in the long run. That’s the main thing you have to remember: it won’t matter. You being the biggest gossip in school does not help your life in the future in any way whatsoever.

If you’ve only got four years here, use them wisely. There’s only one thing worse than wasting your time worrying about insignificant drama, and that’s starting it. Don’t get caught up in the drama that doesn’t matter, but pay attention to the stuff that does. You want attention? Do something with your time here. Let people hear your name and automatically think of something great. If you’re going to start something, make it worthwhile.

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