Opinion: The presidency is more than just politics

Opinion: The presidency is more than just politics

Bryan Luna, Staff Reporter

Most people can agree that the United States of America has seen better days. This country is going through numerous issues at the moment, such as a poor economy, gun violence, and immigration reform. Although we run this nation on the premise that it’s of the people, by the people, and for the people, many believe that our fates lie in hands of a single person: the president.

Every four years, the U.S. holds elections to vote for the next citizen to hold the highest office in the country. In the four years in between the next election, that citizen is expected to play deity and “fix” the nation’s problems. I find it mind boggling that people honestly think the president has more power than he or she actually has. There’s a reason why we have three branches of government, you know.

It’s not just citizens that believe the president is a miracle worker; the candidates themselves do too! Election propaganda is just filled with how “blah blah promises to do this and that”, when in reality, they are only a part of a giant system.

The president isn’t a simple figurehead like the British Royal Family, that’s for sure. The position DOES have several powers, however, for the most part, the president doesn’t actually do much. To put it shortly: he or she can veto bills, appoint people to positions, make small executive orders, voices opinions to congress, and meets with other world leaders.

Ok, so if the president isn’t an omnipotent super being, why the big fuss over elections? Honestly, I don’t know. Anytime I hear candidates talk about all the policies and changes they will do if elected, I just scoff. It’s all a lie. The truth? The position of the executive branch ultimately comes down to being the person who represents the nation for us. The person who unbiasedly listens to the people’s cries and demands, and encourages congress to make it happen. The person who pays attention to what is right and what is wrong, and takes a stand. The shepherd that leads the sheep.

What really angers me, and the point that I’m trying to get to, is how people are in favor of electing people that are drowning in social, political and economical controversy. It doesn’t matter if the president has perfect ideas to “fix” this nation. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had experience in office. It doesn’t matter if what race and gender they are. If they’re saying racist remarks, getting involved in state governor scandals, changing previous beliefs to fit the popular opinion, going on The Tonight Show and purposely mocking themselves, then they shouldn’t be president.

We cannot have men or women in the executive office if they are liars, racist, egotistical, bias, foolish, and simply stupid. No matter who the president is, they cannot completely “change” America. That job is in OUR hands. The president’s job is to lead us through it. But if you don’t respect your leaders, you’re not going to follow them. Plain and simple.

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