Leaman still a part of cross country team from sideline


Girls cross country team is off, staying as a pack at the beginning of the race.

Owen Marshall, Staff Reporter

The varsity cross country teams both placed in their conference meet. They boys placed third overall and were led by Abraham Amine and the girls were led by Hannah Miller. Miller placed first out of all the girls in the conference. 

Many steps were taken to prepare for this bigger meet. Senior Kayla Leaman watched her team because of an injury, but has helped lead the team all year.  

“We did a lot of distance runs at the beginning of the year. As we got closer and closer to this larger meet we did a lot of quicker repeats, to prepare for the surging need at the end and a faster race pace,” Leaman said. Different runs are implemented into practices to simulate different aspects of the real race. 

Oh, my heart swelled with pride, I was so happy for them.”

— Kayla Leaman

The conference meet is one of the biggest the team has.

“The conference meet is more important in that it helps you get to regional and then states which are just bigger meets. It says more about your team,” Leaman said. The teams running were fighting for a spot in the regional meet.

Leaman’s mindset going into this race was very positive.

“I was excited for our team, and I thought that we would do really well and we did and i was really proud of them.” Leaman said.

Leaman was very happy about how the team did.

“Oh, my heart swelled with pride, I was so happy for them. we worked really hard for that moment,” Leaman said. “I think that just the amount of hours and commitment everyone has put in helps us improve, as well as the energy and willingness to play with different aspects of a race and to take risks to get where we are today.”

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