Opinion: Please stop fishing for compliments

Freshman Walker Thompson wears his red Roshe Runs to school frequently.

Freshman Walker Thompson wears his red Roshe Runs to school frequently.

Every friend group has that one person that is just waiting. Waiting for the right moment  to strike. “Oh my goodness this picture is horrible,” they say. Just waiting for you to respond, “No, it looks great.” I absolutely hate it when friends try to do this. You know that the picture is great, so why would you try? If you want us to compliment you, then wear a cute outfit or get something new that no one else has.

One of my favorite examples is with test scores. If a friend gets a 97 on a large test, they complain that they wanted to get a 99 or even a 100. Why can’t they be happy with their score? I was happy with my 92 or even a 91. Another example is when their parents will not buy them the newest pair of Roshe Runs. The friend complains about their parents, saying that their mother and father don’t care about them. I don’t think that they hate you; I wouldn’t give them to you either, especially if they already had the latest ones. Or when a girl says that she is fat, when in reality she is an average size or smaller than most. Just because you are a different size than your friends, doesn’t mean that you are less of a person then they are.

To me this is a way to fill their self-esteem because they feel bad or not proud of who they are. To them, that apparently fills a missing piece. When you then call them out on it they try to ignore you. This never works. If I call someone out and they try to ignore me, I go out of my way to make sure that they heard me. If you are truly best friends, the other person shouldn’t try to make themselves feel better, they should feel comfortable around you.  

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