Q&A with returning volleyball player

Madison Varner, Staff reporter

Q&A with Andrea Osinkosky, a returning player for HHS Volleyball. 

Q:What are some things your team can work on this year?

A:Probably just talking and going for the ball.

Q:What is your favorite part of being on the team?

A: I like how competitive it is and how you work as a team and you get so excited during the game, it’s just awesome.

Q:Why did you decide to join the team last year?

A:I really liked to play volleyball with my friends and then when I joined volleyball I got excited in games and that’s why I wanted to play.

Q:How is the team different from this year than last year?

A:I feel like we are more connected as a team because the ages are closer together because it’s mostly 8th and 9th graders and there is one 10th grader.

Q:How have the new players impacted the team this year?

A:They have really contributed a lot of them have improved and they have made the team a lot closer and practice a lot more fun with some funny people on the team

Q:How has losing teammates from last year impacted the team?

A:Well it’s different because we have to place people in different places on the court as designated positions so that has changed from last year.

Q:What are some things your team has been working on in practice to be ready for the next game?

A:We’ve been working on a new rotation where the setter comes from the back row rather than the front row so we have to keep in mind where we are on the court a little bit better.

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