Miller enjoys having parent in school system


Courtesy of Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller and Mr. Eric Miller pose.

Hannah Miller, Staff Reporter

To a teenager a parent can be the most embarrassing thing ever. Now, imagine said parent doing one of a few things; going around your school and taking selfies with unsuspecting students, running up and down a varsity football game with American flag pants, or doing the whip and nae nae.

Which is most embarrassing? Some kids would think the dancing, but imagine if your father did all of the above. Would you consider that mortifying? Maybe. Me? Not so much.
I can’t even count the number of people who have asked me what it’s like having my dad, Mr. Miller, in the school. My honest opinion is that it’s not as bad as one might think.
Sure, it can be embarrassing, but it’s worth it. What kid isn’t embarrassed by a parental figure at some point?
Having a parent in the school isn’t an uncommon thing. Several students at this school have parents who teach here.
Naomi Gelberg- Hagmaier, a sophomore here at HHS, has a mom who works in the school.

“It seems like she’s more involved with my school work than other parents. It’s nice to have a convenient ride to school and not have to worry about taking the bus,” Gelburg- Hagmaier said.

For me, it’s convenient having my dad in the school. I had someone to help show me the ropes of high school before I even got here. I have someone to support me when I can’t figure out the swing of things. Having someone that embarrasses you but provides advice is better than not having anyone here at all.
Surprisingly, my friends like him well enough. My dad taught my friends and me at Skyline Middle School, so they all got to know him as a math teacher. While I was petrified, I began to realize that people actually liked him.
Not only was I astonished, but relieved. I realized my dad got along with a lot of the kids, so what did I have to worry about?
How about him sharing humiliating stories and pictures. And you can’t forget that anything slightly bad or embarrassing done in any of my other classes was sure to find its way to him.
Maybe if my dad was a bit worse, I wouldn’t like having him at my school. But when your dad is as great as Mr. Miller is, how could I not?

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