Piano I seniors take exam early

Max McDaniel


Max McDaniel, Staff Reporter

Next week, the Piano I class is supposed to perform a chosen piece as a final exam. Because most seniors won’t be in school during the last week, the two in the class, Adrianna Lackey and Rozda Askari performed their final exam today. Neither of them saw this coming (Lackey thought it would be tomorrow, Askari thought it would be Monday), and had to choose new, simpler pieces in the beginning of class to play.

“I am so screwed,” Askari said, “I thought it would be on Monday.”

Lackey changed her piece from Angel to Alouette, and Askari changed his piece from Hey There Delilah to When the Saints Come Marching In.

“It wasn’t very embarrassing. It was just nervousness,” Lackey said.

“I don’t really get embarrassed about many things, so I thought it was fun,” Askari said.

Luckily, Leeper was understanding; it was more of a fun performance than an exam. Every other student will perform next week, hopefully reminded to practice their piece after seeing this confusion.

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