Third season of House of Cards doesn’t disappoint


Joshua Byrd, Ad Sales Manager

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is victorious once again in the third season of House of Cards. The season starts out with Underwood being the new president where he is dealing with an explosive Jordan Valley, domestic issues like unemployment, a divided government, an ambitious wife Claire (Robin Wright) who wants power just like him and a challenger for the democratic presidential nomination for 2016. The third season of House of Cards doesn’t disappoint.

There were plenty of scandals, affairs and murders. Underwood is a brilliant mastermind as always. Everything he and his wife did was coordinated for a purpose that the audience usually doesn’t find out about until three episodes later. The season was amazingly written and acted. A lot of the times I had to rewind the show 30 seconds just to make sure that something just happened, because I was in shock, like in season two when Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) was murdered.  The third season, like previous ones, was fast paced and exciting.

The show, House of Cards, is based around a power hungry, Congressional Majority whip, now president, who was passed over for a cabinet position he was promised during a presidential election. So Frank and his wife Claire, begin their plan to take down the administration. Season one was devoted to Frank trying to get the Vice President/former governor of Pennsylvania to run for his old seat again. He succeeds at this, and then tries to get the Vice Presidency for himself, he also succeeds at this. Season two picks up right where season one left off. Now as the Vice President, Frank begins to take down the current president. He is successful and at the end of season two, he takes the oath of office for the presidency. This sets the scene for the third season. It picked up right where it left off. This summary of the show doesn’t do it justice. I would recommend it to anyone who has a Netflix account to watch all three seasons. Even if you don’t like politics it is interesting, I have even learned some things about the US government that I didn’t know about it by watching it.

Whenever watching it, I was pulled into the show, it put me into a trance. There were plenty of surprises and heart pounding moments. The show is binge watching worthy, especially the third season.

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