Outdoor track begins season


Josh Stratford, Staff Reporter

Many people know of what happened at states for our indoor track team. Records were broken and all of the members who competed placed high overall. Now is the time for outdoor track, and it appears the team is prepared for just about anything. How will it compare to the outdoor track season two years, which was also good?

Senior Mariah King has competed in track throughout middle school and all of high school and seems confident in this year’s team.

“We have a strong team this year,” King said.

Both freshman Emma Trevino and junior Christian Spurlock agree.

“I truly believe we will make it this year,” Spurlock said.

Like King, both Spurlock and Trevino have previous experience in track. This track season they have 36 new freshmen on the the team. This seems to help the team by quite a bit, however.

“We have a lot of drive,” Trevino said.

Spurlock thinks bring a lot of confidence and competitive energy.

With it being the beginning of the season, the team hasn’t had much time to get to know each other very well. Despite this, everyone seems to know what’s going on and have gotten along well. Many people think that there will be no major conflicts. Even if there is something, it will normally be something minor according to Spurlock. Of course they should be close as a team after some time into the season.

“It’s one of the best parts of track,” Spurlock said.

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