“Keep” is the next big thing in the fashion world


Ellie Plass, Online Managing Editor

Everybody that opened this story has likely heard of the popular social media website, Pinterest. Even if you haven’t used it the website pops up all over the news and talk shows, so you’d have to try pretty hard to have never seen it before. If you haven’t heard of it and you’re still reading after I just insulted you a bit, allow me to explain. Pinterest is a site that allows you to gain creative ideas. You can “pin” things to various boards that you create, usually in categories like “Clothes”, “Recipes”, “DIY”, and of course, “Disney”.

Keep is Pinterest on all the greatest drugs. Like Pinterest, you can get the app or visit the online version. It’s set up with the same clean lines and boxes that Pinterest is, making it not only familiar but easy on the eyes. The green tones are a nice break compared to the harsh red on Pinterest. What makes it different, you ask? You can buy things straight from the website. With Pinterest you’re required to do a little digging to find the product you want to purchase. Keep allows you to set up your account and then just hit “buy” when you so desire. You can “keep” things from any website, company, or brand. The categories include “Gifts Under 50$”, “Dresses Under 100$”, and that old classic, “Oprah’s Favorite Things”.

Obviously, there’s a lot less DIY (do it yourself) on Keep. But their product matching is unbeatable. It would be a lie to say that there aren’t a lot of expensive products on the website. But it gives you a list of things people who bought that bought, and things they viewed, making every view a great jumping off point no matter the size of your wallet. And the best part? Sales. The website provides 50% off the greatest bags and designers, and what’s more, they notify you about it in time.

It’s still taking off, but get an account and trust me, you won’t regret it. I predict “Keep” to be huge in the fashion world, so stake your claim early.

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