Students welcome Bojangles to the Burg


Lucie Rutherford, Editor-in-Chief

September 20, 2014 is a day to remember in the mind of your average “chicken n’ biscuits” lover. The famous southern fast food restaurant, Bojangles is known for their Cajun-style fried chicken, made-from-scratch buttery biscuits, and homemade sweet tea. The phenomenon created in 1977 by operators Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas in Charlotte, NC has just added Harrisonburg to the action. The restaurant had just opened up on 1880 Port Republic Road in Harrisonburg early in the morning and customers waited throughout the day to order. Though it’s been at least 20 days since the opening, Bojangles is still a very talked about subject in the halls of HHS.

Many students pushed through the lines on opening day and have gone back every chance they get. Freshman Carson Rising was one of the first customers. Two days before the grand opening, Rising went to Bojangles along with his father. When the Bojangles owner found out the father was both a well known church pastor and a big fan of the restaurant, he figured that meeting him would be a great way to promote the new restaurant. The owner then invited the Risings along with some staff members to be the first to try it out. Rising, whose parents first brought him to a Bojangles when he was younger said, “I’ve been waiting on this new location for a long time now… When it’s BO time, you know it’s BO time.”

During the long process to launch the new restaurant, over 300 hopefuls were interviewed for a job. Senior Marissa Lutz was one of just 30 to get a job. Lutz started work 3 weeks before the grand opening and has already gotten a raise. “Bojangles is fun and a nice environment to work in,” Lutz said as her job is a mix of working the drive thru, orders at the counter, etc.

From breakfast, to tailgating, to just a quick and easy dinner, Bojangles could be the next great addition to our city and school.