Winter Sports Athletes

Every year, near the end of their season, each sport at Harrisonburg High School has their annual senior night. This night is meant to celebrate and cherish the accomplishments of each senior on a sports team throughout their years at HHS. This night, however, has been impacted by COVID-19. Winter sports were not able to hold their normal season, ultimately canceling their senior nights as well.

To commemorate their stories and accomplishments, the HHS Newsstreak has put together a collection of stories and Q&A’s for each individual winter sport athlete. While it doesn’t make up for senior night, the staff hopes that each winter sports athlete senior gets their story told.

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Calayiah Stuart
Nisha Farmer
Esther Manson
Nathan Henderson
Hayden Kirwan
Stella Alexiou
Aaron Smucker
Elizabeth Healy
Anttwone Washington
Emma Lankford
Isabel Campillo
Korry Sochacki
Jazen Walker
Aidan Perkins
Blake Metcalf
Jesse Lichti
Conor Wells
Mia Constantin
Xander Collazo
Ashley Acosta-Iscoa
Jonas Miller
David Beck
Dorothy Yates
Nathan Brown
Lare Jalal
Holly Bill

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