Silas Spears

Ellie Velker

 What’s your family life like, how many siblings?

 “I have 6 siblings, and my family life is good, it’s kind of hectic in our house because everyone is there all the time.”


 Do some of your siblings come to this school?

 “Yeah, my older sister is at this school, and a couple cousins are at this school as well.”


 Which of your siblings are you closer to?

 “I definitely am really close with my older sister, but honestly Im close to all of them.” 


Are there specific reasons why you are closer to her?

 “ Well, we’ve shared a room, we just became really close when we moved, because we both didn’t know a lot of people, so we just came to each other.”


 Where did you move from?

 “I moved from Tennessee.”


 Why did your family move to Tennessee?

 “ I honestly don’t know, my family just decided to move”


 How long did your family live in Tennessee?

 “12 years”


 What year did y’all move to Virginia



 How do you like Virginia in comparison to Tennessee?

 “Well Tennessee was a lot smaller and there weren’t as many opportunities and stuff, yeah I like Virginia more.”


 What type of opportunities and what things do you like to do in Virginia?

 “ Well its a bigger city, and I have more friends.”


 What do you like to do with your free time?

 “ I don’t’ do anything in my free time. Yeah so I like sitting in my bed and watching Netflix.”


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