Varsity football succumbs to John Handley Judges


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  • Facing off against John Handley in the first home game on Sept. 6, senior quarterback Kwentin Smiley(#9) runs the ball into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game.

  • Following the first touchdown of the game, the team celebrates with senior quarterback, Kwentin Smiley (#9).

  • The Red Sea student section supports the varsity football team by performing their signature "Wobble" dance.

  • Walking off the field, sophomore Xavier Cain reaches for a high five from Head Coach, Jay Hook.

  • Following a defensive stop, juniors Nathan Brown, Simon Beach, and Conor Wells display their school spirit in the Red Sea.

  • During halftime, freshman Zeb Miller performs on the sousaphone with the marching band

  • After a completed pass, junior receiver, Jazen Walker (#18), runs to the outside to pass the defenders.

  • Senior quarterback, Kwentin Smiley (#9), drives through the center line.

  • During halftime, sophomore Tina Hedricks performs alongside the marching band in "The Pale Blue Dot."

  • Senior color guard captain, Faith Evans Haywood, performs during half time of the first home game of the season.

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