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Madison Huffman

Madison Huffman

Q: What does being a first-generation mean to you?

A: Being a first-generation allows me to expand with my family because my family has not gone to college. So, me being a first-generation student shows that I’m still striving to get a higher education. My mom has always pushed me because she’s like “college is important’”and “I wasn’t able to have that opportunity”, so you need to get a degree.

Q: What have you done to obtain above a 4.0 GPA?

A: I did the Blue Ridge scholars programs, which allows me to do an associates program before I graduate high school. I also took all DE classes, which has really boosted my GPA.

Q: What type of extracurricular activities/clubs have you done?

A: I did the academic team, which is where we go and answer academic questions and compete with other schools. Also, I did Habitat for Humanity, which is just volunteering for those who need help.

Q: Did you think you were originally gonna go to college?

A: Yeah, it was never really a question for me going to college. I always knew that I was gonna go and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Q: What are some difficulties that have come with being a first-generation student?

A: It doesn’t really bring difficulties, but more pressure to go as a child. My brother didn’t go because school wasn’t for him, so my parents really pushed me to go because I would be the last child and money has always been difficult, but scholarships have helped with that.

Q: What prevented your parents from attending college?

A: My mom and dad got married when they first started high school and they had to get out. So, my mom wasn’t able to go to college because she was taking care of her kids. We were more important to her than school. My dad went to get a job, so he can support the family.

Q: In high school, what has helped you the most prepare for the future?

A: My counselor, Mrs. Warren, has helped and pushed me to go to college and prepare for my classes and what I will take.

Q: What type advice would you give to a first-generation trying to go to college?

A: Just go for it, there’s no harm in it. If schools not for you, you’ll find that it out, but just do it.

Q: What college are you go to and what are you going to major in?

A: James Madison University and I’m going to major in biophysical chemistry

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