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Winter Sports Athletes

Winter Sports Athletes
HHS Newsstreak Staff January 17, 2021

Every year, near the end of their season, each sport at Harrisonburg High School has their annual senior night. This night is meant to celebrate and cherish the accomplishments of each senior on a sports...

Distance runners anxious about possibility of upcoming seasons

Beck runs to the finish line during one of his first races of his 2019-2020 season.
Caryanne Shaw, Staff Reporter December 1, 2020

The upcoming track and cross country season is making high school runners anxious, as they don’t know what to expect out of this season. Despite not having many organized practices, a few runners...

Virginia Gators continue practice, despite cancellation of high school season

Gabriele wears his mask while waiting outside of Westover pool where he practices in the mornings.
Mia Constantin, Print Editor in Chief November 30, 2020

Despite there being no school sanctioned winter sports this year, the Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg are still swimming with COVID-19 guidelines in place. Practices for the Virginia Gators started...

Harrisonburg City Schools suspends winter sports

The varsity boys basketball team capped off their 2019 regular season by winning the district championship over the Broadway Gobblers.
Maya Waid, Sports Editor in Chief November 25, 2020

On Nov. 24, Harrisonburg City Public Schools (HCPS) made the decision to withdraw from Season 1 (winter sports) of Virginia High School League (VHSL) activities according to recommendations from the Virginia...

Horizons Edge Provides Opportunities to the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Area

Horizons Edge Sports Campus officially opened Jan. 18, 2020.
Maya Waid, Sports Editor in Chief November 18, 2020

Prior to January of 2020, residents in the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County area would find the best opportunity to play group sports at a local park. A majority of the athletes in the area found...

A day in the life of sophomore William Kyle

Kyle dives for the ball during one of his many practices.
Soraya Kaussler, Staff Reporter November 17, 2020

Sophomore William Kyle spends most of his afternoons playing tennis. He starts off his day at around 7:15 a.m. eats breakfast and starts his classes for the day. He is currently taking Spanish 3, Econ,...

Burley adjusts to overseeing sports during pandemic

Athletic director Brandon Burley oversees all sports for Harrisonburg High School.
Jonah Lee, Staff Reporter October 21, 2020

Harrisonburg High School athletic director Brandon Burley deals with many different aspects of planning and carrying out HHS sports. Now, with COVID-19 playing a major factor in the decisions made regarding...

Shelly joins community as ELL teacher, distance coach

Assistant distance coach and ELL teacher Abigail Shelly oversees the Oct. 14 preseason distance practice. Shelly coordinates and coaches the runners through the strength and circuit workouts during the practices.
Holly Bill, Head Editor in Chief October 19, 2020

If one encountered new English-language learners (ELL) teacher and distance coach Abigail Shelly during her first months in Harrisonburg, they likely would have noticed a “yes ma’am” or a “no...

Harding joins as new head girls basketball coach

New head girls basketball coach, Tracy Harding, will begin leading the program for the 2020-21 season.
Lucia Gabel, Print Managing Editor September 24, 2020

After the loss of head girls basketball coach Durmount Perry, Harding will take the lead over the girls basketball program. See press release above for more information. 

Cain Receives Offer From Division One Radford Highlanders

Cain looks to pass the ball during a practice for the team she plays on outside of school, Elevate Elite.
Maya Waid, Sports Editor in Chief September 16, 2020

“Why would you ask this? I'm already starting to tear up,” Perry said. “I'm going to miss being with the players. In my eyes, it was not just basketball. Each player became a part of my family. I...

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