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2019-2020 Yearbook Senior Ad Contract

2019-2020 Yearbook Ad Contract

2018-2019 Newsstreak Ad Contract

2018-2019 Newsstreak Patron Ad Contract

We welcome you to explore the different ways you can support media at Harrisonburg High School. Linked above are handouts/contracts that explain the different advertising outlets we offer in our publications. Please print the PDF, fill it out and send to:

HHS Media c/o Val Kibler, Harrisonburg High School

1001 Garbers Church Rd.

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Advertising Policy:

Advertising is the main source of income for all media at HHS, including the Newsstreak, yearbook and hhsmedia.com, and it is partially through funds raised from advertising that the Newsstreak and yearbook are printed.  The following guidelines govern advertising in any HHS media:

  1. HHS Media reserves the right to print advertisements deemed acceptable by the advertising committee for the student body.
  2. Advertisements from special interest groups and advertisements which may be controversial will be accepted only after careful review and approval by the advertising committee.  They will take into consideration the legitimacy of the organization, the positive/negative effects running the ad would have, the relative similarity of the ad to other content of the publication, the relative need of the audience to have access to the information contained within the ad, and any other relevant factors.
  3. No ads that are considered libelous, obscene, or sexually explicit will be run.
  4. HHS Media reserves the right to refuse to accept any unsolicited advertisement.
  5. HHS Media reserves the right to refuse any ad that is religiously affiliated.
  6. HHS Media reserves the right to deny advertising for products or services not legally available to minors or not available at the advertised price.
  7. HHS Media reserves the right to deny copy which in any way is offensive, deceptive or misleading as judged by the advertising committee.
  8. Advertisers may submit photo ready copy or may opt to have their ads designed by staff members of HHS Media.  They may choose the material they want included in the ad, provided that it does not exceed the realm or reasonableness in the opinion of the advertising committee.  HHS Media reserves the right to reduce, enlarge or rearrange the ad depending on available space. Businesses are encouraged to include coupons beneficial to readers of the Newsstreak.
  9. Those who wish to place advertisements must notify the adviser, business editor or other staff representative by no later than two weeks prior to the publication date.
  10. If ads are run by political candidates, there will be an attempt to notify their opponents and comparative advertising space will be offered in accordance with the Equal-Time Law.
  11. All new accounts must pre-pay for the first issue published.  Billing prior to publication in additional issues is an option available to advertisers.

Funds are generated through the sale of advertising and patron ads by the HHS Media staff.  It is also supplemented by an amount budgeted by the Harrisonburg City School Board.

Advertising is a constitutionally protected expression.  School publications may accept advertising. Acceptance or rejection is within the purview of the publication staff, who may accept any ads except for those for a product or service that is illegal for students.  Political ads may be accepted. The publication should not accept ads only on one side of an issue or election.

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