Du, Yoder partner for February senior class challenge


Photo Used With Permission From Sophia Yoder.

Yoder made these raspberry macarons in October. To win a free cake from Yoder, one can refer seniors to college adviser Anna Du. Whoever refers the most seniors by the end of February wins a free cake.

There’s a new challenge for students working on the college process or for students who just want to win a cake. College adviser Anna Du and junior Sophia Yoder are collaborating to recruit students to talk to Ms. Du about college. Whoever recruits the most students wins a cake from Yoder’s baking business. 

“I encourage everyone to do [the challenge and] especially just [to] talk to Ms. Du and find out what she can do and how she can help because she’s a really good resource for seniors and for other students,” Yoder said. 

When students set up an appointment or reach out to Du, she can help with all parts of the college process. She can help with anything students are confused about with college or filling out applications.

“I can help with so many things, no matter where a student is. Some students are at square one, so I can help them with identifying colleges to apply to. A big thing is navigating Naviance. A lot of students might not be familiar with Naviance, but it is a big part of the college application process because you request transcripts and letters of recommendations through it,” Du said. “I can [also] help with getting feedback on essays. That’s one of my favorite things to do because [I get] to learn more about how awesome our students are because they write about awesome things that they do in their essays. There’s so many things I [can help with like], scholarships and whatnot. [I help] students, search for scholarships, navigate scholarships and apply to them.”

Yoder showcases a strawberry chamomile cake she made in December. (Photo Used With Permission From Sophia Yoder)

Yoder and Du were hoping the cake prize would motivate students to reach out and talk to Du before Valentine’s Day. However, the challenge may be extended into the end of February instead of ending before Valentine’s Day so all students can get a chance to participate. 

“The cake prize motivates some students who are really competitive because I made the grand prize for the student who refers the most seniors to me. I might extend part [of the challenge into] the end of February. I [originally] wanted to ride off the wave of Valentine’s Day, so I thought setting a due date of Friday, February 12 would be nice because then that would enable the winner to get their cake by Valentine’s Day,” Du said. 

Not only does reaching out and participating get students help with college, but students can also build a community and encourage one another. 

“I thought of this as an opportunity for students to build community because the idea was that students would talk to each other, show each other love and encourage one another to meet with me and get help,” Du said. 

Yoder has an Instagram page where she posts recent things she has baked. Participating in this challenge also helps support her business. 

Yoder posts photos of strawberry cupcakes like these on her Instagram @sophias_baking_addiction. (Photo Used With Permission From Sophia Yoder)

 “I wanted to support a student, so the cake is made by Sophia Yoder and I’m really excited that I’m supporting her too,” Du said. 

Yoder was excited to participate in this challenge and help students get to know who Ms. Du is and how she can help. 

“It’s been fairly successful, and helping her just reach out to seniors and or at least, like, spread awareness about what her job is and how she’s helping [is important],” Yoder said. 

Ms. Du is here for all students, not just seniors, and she hopes to talk to every student she can about the college process. 

“I want students to know that I’m here for all students. I do work with seniors more because they’re in the process of applying to colleges, [but] I want students to encourage each other and I want to encourage you to think about college prep early. Show up and support one another; its Valentines day season,” Du said. 

Check out their Instagram pages here: @bluestreaks2college and @sophias_baking_addiction