Underclassmen disappointed over the annual ball being cancelled

March 29, 2020

JROTC holds a Cadet Ball every year in March. However, this year because of the Coronavirus, it was cancelled. This decision was met with some relief, but more so devastation from students. 

Not only do the members of JROTC put a lot of effort into planning for the ball, but they also did a lot to prepare, like working on their appearance. Sophomore Josh Denar is mostly upset about the amount of work he and others put into it. 

“I am kind of disappointed because we put a lot of time and effort into the ball,” Denar said. 

Freshman Sara Goitom also worked to put the ball together, but she is mostly upset about its cancellation because of the amount of time she spent preparing for the ball. 

“I do feel a little disappointed because I had to go shopping for new makeup, get someone to straighten my hair [and] re-dye my roots and all for it to be canceled, but I did need more time to go find a dress so that was one of the upsides,” Goitom said. 

In addition, the students in JROTC are taught proper etiquette for the ball. 

“JROTC taught us how to dance, how to dress, how to eat at the ball [and] everything [else] there is to know,” Goitom said. 

The JROTC Cadet Ball is not the only event that has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Schools and businesses are shutting down and concerts and other events are being rescheduled. Some, like Denar, believe that this is an overreaction. He believes all we need to remember is to keep up with basic sanitation practices. 

“I think the precautions that were put in place are a slight overreaction because in reality, we are supposed to be doing the necessary sanitation things on a daily basis, [such as], sneezing and coughing into your elbow and washing your hands with soap and water,” Denar said. 

In contrast, Goitom is thankful for the precautions put in place for everyone’s safety. 

“I’m glad that they are taking the virus seriously. A lot of people are dying from it and the school being shut down is making sure any students don’t get infected,” Goitom said.

Denar is a sophomore so this would have been his second year attending the ball. Some of his disappointment comes from the fact that he had a lot of fun last year. 

“I had a lot of fun last year. It’s a great experience to meet people you haven’t met already and just bond with others,” Denar said. 

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