Songs provide universal language

Songs are the universal language, because if is a song in another language that you don’t know, you can still understand if it is a happy or sad song. Music is an interesting way to interact with cultures and people from all over the world. Do you ever think how important the music in world history is? It’s like writing; it can tell us things that happened in the past. If writing or songs didn’t exist, we couldn’t know a lot of things that we know now. When we listen to a song, we listen to someone who’s found the perfect way to express their feelings.

Songs can show to the world how you feel, and if you’re a shy person they’re a great way to express your feelings. People listen to different musical genres depending on what they feel. Some songs can make you happy, others can make you sad and others can make you mad. In parties, if there’s bad music it’s going to be a bad party. Depending on what music you listen to while you study, it could help you or not. One study checked that when we listen to our favorite songs, our brain secretes dopamine (the hormone that make us happy) and when we feel shaking chills while we listen to songs, it is because our brain is secreting dopamine. Another interesting thing that’s been proven is that listening to music while we train is helpful. A study showed that if we listen to certain types of music, mainly from the rock and pop genres, we can increase our resistance to intense physical exercise up to 15 percent.

It’s incredible how many people you can find all over the world who listen the same kind of music as you, especially if they are popular songs. I love when I listen to music on the radio and I start to sing and I hear another. person who is singing too; no matter the language or rhythm, you’re always going to find someone to share songs. It’s incredible how powerful the music is Music will always be popular. No matter what age, listening to music is something that we all do to make us feel good.


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