Q&A with Ty Watts

Q: What’s your favorite thing about high school so far?

A: “New classes and getting spread out with different people.”

Q: Is there something you’re going to miss about middle school?

A: “No.”

Q: What’s a goal you plan to achieve before you graduate?

A: “Going to states in baseball.”

Q: Do you do anything outside of school?

A: “Yeah, sports and I like to fish.”

Q: What’s something you’d like to try while you’re in high school?

A: “Play new activities that I’ve never done before.”

Q: Do you have a favorite class you’re in right now and why?

A: “My sports and games class because I have a lot of my friends in it.”

Q: What’s the most exciting you did over the summer?

A: “Went to the beach.”

Q: What’s the last great film you saw?

A: “I watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday.”

Q: Did you watch any new shows over the summer?

A:” No, I didn’t watch any TV this summer, I just watched Fortnite videos.”

Q: How would you describe your opinion of Fortnite?

A: “I’m pretty addicted to it.”

Q: What’s the best food you had over the summer?

A: “Probably ribs.”

Q: Did you travel anywhere new over the summer?

A: “I went to New York for the first time.”

Q: Have you always been from Harrisonburg or did you move here?

A: “No, I’m from West Virginia. I moved here.”

Q: Are you on the baseball team?

A: “Yeah, I play on the JV team.”

Q: Do you have any achievements or awards for baseball?

A: “For travel teams, I have a lot of trophies.”

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