Gelberg-Hagmaier tattoos body with meaningful symbol


Sid Tandel

Gelberg-Hagmaier shows off her comet tattoo.


The ink permanently engraved on Naomi Gelberg-Hagmaier’s tattoo has a special meaning to her.

“[My tattoo] is the astronomical sign for comet, and for me it’s about gender identity because it’s an alternative on the traditional male and female symbols you see, which are Venus for female and Mars for male,” Gelberg-Hagmaier said.

Although Gelberg-Hagmaier wears her tattoo with pride, her mother didn’t approve of her decision.

“My mom was a bit hesitant at first, but since I’m 18 she can’t really do much about it. But when I actually got [the tattoo] she thought it was really cool and symbolic. My dad already has tattoos, as well as his daughters, so he was very supportive of my choice,” Gelberg-Hagmaier said.

Gelberg-Hagmaier feels the tattoo will not affect her through the course of her post high school career.

“[My tattoo] is on my forearm and isn’t very visible. I think I’m going to get a lot of people that ask about the tattoo throughout my life, and I’m prepared to deal with that and explain what it means, but it’s very easy to hide so I don’t think it will affect me in jobs or interviews,” Gelberg-Hagmaier said.

Gelberg-Hagmaier is glad she got her tattoo at an earlier age, she feels waiting would have prolonged the inevitable.

“I’m actually really happy that I got [my tattoo] done now instead of waiting because now I know that tattoos aren’t as scary as everyone thinks they are,” Gelberg-Hagmaier said. “Of course the tattoo hurts, but it’s bearable and this has caused me to want to get more tattoos because it’s art on your body.”

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