JROTC throws annual ball

Hannah Miller, Copy Editor

Every year, JROTC hosts a formal ball for all members. Junior Jazmin Francl has attended every year, and the food and dancing is definitely remembered.

“[I love] the food. It’s formal food: chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes,” Francl said.

Dance lessons are also provided for anyone willing to learn, and most cadets appreciate how reasonable the dances are.

“[First] a teacher shows us the dance moves. We practice alone and then we practice with partners,” Francl said. Senior Jean-Pierre Mwami has attended all four years as well, and the dancing is his favorite part.

“[I enjoy] the dancing part, because dancing is fun,” Mwami said. “We learn some dances that we can actually use later on in life, like at weddings and stuff.”

With such a large scale event, responsibilities have to be taken on by some of the students; they form the ball committee.

“The people on the ball committee have to set everything up. [They] make sure everything’s paid for and all the food is ordered and all that stuff, so that’s pretty hard,” Mwami said.

The cadets appreciate the effort to give them a fun night together. It gives them an opportunity to mingle and have fun together outside of the normal military setting.

“[It’s] so that everyone gets to know each other. We all get to hang out in a formal setting [and] experience what a ball is like,” Mwami said.

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